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Steps to Produce Traceability Readiness

Know your requirements

Unfortunately not all Supply Chain partners are adhering to the PTI Best Practices verbatim. Before you start, make certain you contact each trading partner and determine what they want you to do. If possible get their requirements in writing. We have a recommended list of Trading Partner questions.

Milestones 1 - 3 (Should already be in place)

Prior to labeling your product and storing information about it, you will need your GS1 numbers assigned and distributed to your partners. Here is what needs to be in place regarding GS1 numbers prior to proceeding with the remaining milestones

Milestones 4 - 5 (Case Labeling)

In order to modify your existing practices for Case Labeling, we need you to answer questions about existing case labeling practices and questions about what labeling equipment you already own

Milestones 6 - 7 (Tracing receiving and shipping)

In order to plan for these steps we have a receiving and shipping questionaire.